David Sadkin, Ph.D., Director of Education Services (click image to learn more)

Educational Services

Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center Inc. offers an array of educational services to the public.

Educational Programs

We provide in-school programs from kindergarten through high school. Our programs are custom-designed around the needs of the group, wherever possible. We consult with teachers to integrate our programs with the education objectives of each class. We provide materials for lesson planning and expansion of the learning points of the presentation. Generally, we also include a number of our live education birds as part of our presentation, as well as other visual aids. We can provide interactive sessions on topics including as wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, resource management. The level of the encounter is directly dependent on the level and needs of the group.

Speakers Bureau

We are available to civic groups, conservation groups, and other organizations in the topic areas noted above.

Information Booth

We staff an education booth at many area craft shows throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties during the fall and winter season. The booth includes a number of our live raptors, and a wealth of informational material. The booth is staffed by dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer rehabilitators who can answer your questions about wildlife-related issues.


We are a 501 c.3 non-profit organization; we receive no government support; all staff is volunteer. Our activities are financed primarily through financial and in-kind contributions. Therefore, to cover expenses for these services, and to ensure that our education expenses do not take away from the financial needs of our rehabilitation program, we require a fully tax deductible contributory payment for our programs:

  • For a classroom or organizational presentation not exceeding one hour, a fee of $100.00 per session, or $1.00 per participant, whichever is larger
  • For presentations or appearances longer than one hour, up to a half day, $175.00, or $1.00 per participant, whichever is larger
  • For presentations or appearances longer than a half-day, $325 per day or $1.00 per participant, whichever is larger
  • In situations of extreme exigency, we will negotiate alternative ways of remuneration. Of course, we welcome contributions in excess of the amounts listed above.

For further information, or to book a presentation, please call David Sadkin, Volunteer Director of Education Services, at 941-753-5029 or use our contact page.

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