Frequently Asked Questions

  • What portion of your funding comes from state and/or federal government for helping wildlife?

None. All funding comes from donations made by concerned individuals plus an occasional small grant.

  • How many employees work at the facility?

Everyone here is an unpaid volunteer. During the course of a week between 10 and 15 volunteers help. This number varies, usually to the low side, with Gail doing a large percentage of the work. Others help with off-site supportive work, such as this web site and the newsletter.

  • What training is needed to be a volunteer?

There is no special training required to volunteer. Simple tasks are done at first, eventually learning more as experience, ability, and situations, are achieved.

  • Are volunteers needed and how do I volunteer?

Yes. Call the center at (941) 778-6324 and speak with Ed or Gail. Please bring with you a completed Volunteer application.

  • I’ve seen your birds during the day. Don’t the owls usually sleep during the day?

No. Owls only rest and maintain their awareness. It would be very dangerous for them to sleep like we do. Many animals rest their body without actual sleep, such as fish, dolphins, sharks, and some birds will even hunt to feed babies 24 hours a day.

  • How close can I get to a bird of prey before it attacks or jumps at me?

Birds do not arbitrarily attack people, unless you would get very close the their babies. Birds, or other animals, require a good reason to attack anything, usually either to eat it or it’s a predator in their territory. When they are too close to a human or other animal, they just fly away.


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