2015 Giving Partner Challenge September 1st-2nd


Wildlife, Inc. is the ONLY full service wildlife rehabilitation and rescue center in Manatee County Florida taking in well over 3000 injured and orphaned animals every year since 1988. A non profit (IRS 501 c3) organization run by volunteers.

Despite common belief, we receive NO STATE or FEDERAL FUNDING. With a annual budget approaching $100,000 funded solely by donations, your support helps to pay for medicine, food, surgeries and rescue gear to save more animals.   We are a small rescue, but we work tirelessly with our group of dedicated volunteers to rehabilitate local wildlife as well as educate the public through numerous school programs and local festivals.

1. Go to 
between September 1 at noon and September 2
 at noon.

2. Click on Donate Now and choose your gift amount of $25 or more to make your secure online donation (credit cards only).  Each donor will immediately be emailed a tax receipt.

Replacing Baby Birds


Replacing Baby Birds
 There is a common myth that if one finds baby birds fallen out of nests they must be “rescued” because the parents will not feed them if they have human odor on them. This is not true! Bird parents do not detect, or ignore foreign smells on their young. They respond to their cries and visual cues such as their open mouths.

If you find birds that have fallen out of the nest, gently place them back in the nest if you can do so without risking injury to

The Dilemma of the Outdoor Cat

By David Sadkin, Ph.D.
Volunteer Director of Education Services
Wildlife, Inc.
The whole issue of the impact of feral and free-ranging cats, and the efficacy of Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) programs has tended to muzzle discussion, as the emotional issues often outweigh rational debate. Moreover, people and organizations directly “in the line of fire” have hesitated to address the issue head-on for fear of antagonizing potential supporters and donors.
However, the New York Times in its Sunday, March 23 edition, in its “Review” section, broached the subject with a major article entitled

Bald Eagle Release


Greg Hebert Releasing the eagle. Greg and Damen Hurd rescued her last month. Greg looks pretty happy! We are sure the eagle is too!
We released her exactly where we found her. We usually do unless it isnt safe to do so.

We just want to say thank you to Gail Straight and Dr.Clay Wilson for the work they put in with the eagle. Gail and Clay do a lot of the work behind the scenes and if it wasn’t for Dr.Clay we wouldn’t be able to x-ray and treat all these injured animals on a moments

Volunteers Needed

Currently we are specifically looking for volunteers able to help during the day on weekdays. This would involve routine feeding, cleaning, and some various other assistance with the animals. Some general animal knowledge is helpful but not mandatory. The opportunity is here to learn much more. Our needs require a mature person available for one or more weekdays on a regular basis.

Other needs are for a grant writer, cage construction, education, rescue, and routine feeding and cleaning.